Lost Pages : That Day

It’s quiet, cold, and dark. Nightingale is always like this. The only city where all refugees stay in this big country. It’s been 10 years now since this city was established, very diverse, very dangerous, I can say that since I have been living here for 5 years now. I was scared that time, but now I am different. I never thought that a person like me could even adapt in this kind of filthy place, a place where criminals are made. 

“Here, for today”, Eric said, after giving me the name of person which I should murder that day. I was not that kind of person basically, I feel guilty yet pleasure at the same time doing this. Ever since I have been here, my activities are either sleeping, eating, training, and killing people. I get used to it so fast like learning to walk when I was a toddler. 

Eric is my savior, also he is like a father figure to me. Well, no one was willing to take me up homeless on the street that time, but Eric saw me differently and took me home to his city and then now I am one of its common people from this city. I didnt know why justice and law body wouldnt give a fuck regarding the place, but eventually now I know that our client are mostly people from high-up positions which also protects us from being dismished literally, cause they need us as well although they know we hate them so much and can kill them in a second. However, the money never fails us and they have their watch-dogs as well. So we need to get along.

I opened my paper Eric gave me, and saw a familiar picture in it. It’s the infamous singer in the country, but there was a note on the left side saying, ‘Meet me on the rooftop of Darren Church, at 5 pm’. 

“It’s not a name?”, I asked wondering since I usually got a name. 

“She is our client, she wanted to meet you first to discuss something”, Eric answered while blowing his cigarette with his left hand. 

Fetching my weapons and that day I was off to go to the place where it’s mentioned on the paper. That day, when my life was changed forever. That day, when I was simply puzzled whether I should have been grateful ... or not.

Dazzling Corner : Rita, Hey !

Rita Hayworth
Just knew about her after I watched The Shawshank Redemption
and most importantly, she is FINE ! lol.
I wonder if there're any actresses in this era with the same kind aura as hers. 
She has this weird smile but very compelling one. 
Well, whatever, thus I guess I have become one of her fans right now. 
 Gonna buy her pin-ups in short time.

Impulsive Thought : Difficult Poetry ?

Prompt : Should poetry be difficult to understand?

In my opinion, I think a poetry should not be created complex enough for people to understand. There are several reasons, but most importantly, two reason should be main idea why it shouldnt be made difficult. 

First, I believe when a poet wanted to make a poetry, they wanted to deliver somekind of messages to the spectrum of spectators, thus difficult poetry shouldnt be established if he/she wanted people to understand his/her poetry completely since the audience could be coming from various background. Unless that the poet wanted to target his/her poetry for special targeted group of audiences, then that should be fine. 

Besides, apparently, poetries are a writing product by someone and a written work of people which I believe should be always having an obvious purpose or message. Yet, in a poetry they do it in an artsy language usually as far that I know. Therefore, this is my second reason, making things artsy doesnt mean it has to be difficult, making things beautiful doesnt mean you have to use complicated language so that people wont understand. Back again, this is exceptional if you want to make the poetry delivered to some kind of people with some special degree of knowledge about complicated language.

Personally, I guess, on the basis of its main purpose, I do believe it doesnt need to be difficult, yet it still needs to be beautiful as what a poetry should be.

P.S. : The written thing above was purely existed from the author’s authentic random thoughts, not from the basis of researches, or opinion of others. Well just to avoid those people who would like to judge thing before knowing the real thing and to state that nobody’s perfect, basically. Last, the author does have a freedom to give opinion right? Thank you.

Sharing Stuff : Exchange Learnings

This past summer reminded me of my exchange experience three years ago in Turkey. I can say, that exchange actually pretty much has grown me in someway. A lot of things to remember and to learn. I thought that having exchange was merely an excuse for a vacation, but after living it myself, I know there are several things good to cultivate from it. Now, I would like to share to you, how exchange is able to change your life toward a better one. 

1.)    Learn new languages !

This one is definitely happening when you are upon your exchange. Not only you will try to train your english, but also have yourself to learn another kind of language from your friends there. Even thou, eventually you got an english-speaking countries for the experience, I believe you can get to know how to learn another language.  

Well, although it is impossible to learn fully and master it in such a short period, yet we can still know at least some of basics, like how to say hello, say thanks, buy phone cards, or other daily conversation.
2.)    Exposure to interesting cultures !

Culture, yes ! It is my favorite part of learnings, frankly I never thought that getting to know other cultures would be so much fun thing to do. I learned that people in Turkey tend to greet people by kissing on cheek, despite that we havent known each other before. I know that some of Indonesia people do this, but here we do it after we have been comfortable toward each other. Moreover, if you had more international friends during your exchange, you possibly could see more different culture exposures, and believe me, it is worth it to help you not being really judgemental about others, at least for me. 
3.)    Cultivating your life skills !

Well, I rather say, it does help you a lot in upgrading yourself in terms of life-skills. Simply like how to be adaptable as a person, how to survive when you are alone in a foreign environment, how to understand non-verbal communication better. I can say that this actually has developed me into more independent person, more open, and overall, a lot of better person. 
4.)    Trying new things !

Since you are out of your country, I guess this is the best time to explore yourself out. Try a lot of stuffs, good or bad, in my opinion, you should try it, because that’s the part of life giving a lesson. You know a novel called Wild, it’s quite the same concept I guess, because you are alone, and no one knows you at all, new behaviours everyday, new routines, it helps you actually to know yourself a little better, like for example, I just realized I always used a high tone when I was speaking, or simply, I like nature rather than city if it was intended for a journey, and other silly mistakes which barely I knew until I got there. Afterward, dont forget to change, because it’s not too late to change. 
5.)    Making network !

Yep, this one is an absolute activity to do, well not only in exchange, but in our daily life. Still, since we are talking about exchange here, you would have an opportunity to connect toward people with different cultures, nationalities, and others. Remarkably, believe me in the future later, it would be so much advantage to us, like having a free place to stay, having a guide in the country, or other possibilities like network to work or else. It could be anything, so make sure you create one and maintain it. 

6.)    Loving your country more !

I dont know if this kind of thing happened to other people or not, for me, going for an exchange does contribute to my nationalism toward my own country. I know that in fact, other countries mostly have been really developed, in the end, those amazement of their advancement slapping myself to have that eagerness to develop my own country as well. Hell no, my country can be better as well. On the contrary, if you found any countries you visited, in fact, were more devastating in terms of its circumstances, then I guess, we can take those as our learnings so that our country wouldnt be turned like that. A lot of learnings right?