April 3, 2013

Exhausting yet Memorable New Year's Eve !

Recently, my writing mood becomes on the move, it’s really boosting up now. Well , first, I wanna ask, where the hell did you spend your new year’s eve? Where? I think mostly people answer, ‘at home with my family’, ‘in the beach’, ‘in overseas’, or whatever. But, have you ever spent your new year’s eve in the top of mountain? I haven’t, BUT if you’re talking about spending the time hiking the top of the mountain in new year’s eve, then I have done it, and it was last new year’s eve. 

Believe me, it was like a random holiday action for me. I really didn’t think to take my holiday time hiking a mountain, and what mountain did I hike? It is Mt.Semeru. Yeah, well actually kinda influenced by the latest ‘hits’ indonesian movie, titled 5cm. So my friends had a plan to hike this mountain in the last day of 2012. At first, I didn’t even think about joining them, but don’t why, maybe because I’m a person who really loves to do hiking, and seeks up uncomfort zone, and since I don’t like field or anything related to geology, plus that time I was so pissed off of anything related to geology, I forced myself to be happy joining them hiking while actually not (fake) hahaha, but well it turned out to be a great journey of mine. 

I forgot about the exact date, but it was on the last week of December. Before I was going there, I visited my friend’s house in Solo for a day, and then directly went to Malang, and visited another friend of mine, as well as staying there while waiting for others to arrive in Malang. You know, I thought Malang was a small city, and in my imagination, Malang is an oldschool city where there’s a lot of plantation everywhere (Malang is famous of its apple plantation). The fact is, it’s far beyond my imagination, Malang is great, especially Batu, it is so beautiful, well it’s true that this city is not as big as Bandung, but still I like its environment. Oh ya, while I was there, I was able to go to Batu Carnival Land, or whatever it is. That place is similar like Bandung Carnival Land, but it’s bigger, and cooler, especially when it comes to the night, there is a place called lampion garden, it is cool. 

Then the day after, we prepared for hiking, yeah. It was a lot of preparation, and we were like around 17 people I guess. The hiking took for about five days, and you know, living in a camp for about four night, haha I just remembered my ‘Papandayan Hiking’ memories, I’m kinda hate staying in a camp, but that doesn’t mean I cant do it, and cant enjoy it, I can. That time, everyday was always raining, almost everyday, everynight, whew, and it was so cold. Well, let’s just skip to the new year’s eve, can you imagine while people usually are having fun in that night, but we? we hiked that mountain up to the top, yes indeed it was just only 500 m ahead, but well actually that 500 m was really far, and exhausting. We were starting at 11 pm, and reached the top in the morning. Do you believe that? This is my first time hiking that kind of mountain, I mean Papandayang, and Burangrang wasn’t that challenging to me, and thank god I spent my holiday for this. Couldn’t be happier more. 

Here are some pictures I took :

Young. Single. Free

Haha, don’t know. Just lately, I do feel proud of my condition right now, and perhaps I don’t want to change it. What could be better from being young, single, and free? No one telling you shit, or giving some utterly fail advice for you since actually you already know how to deal with it. Right? Well, this is just another random thought of mine today. Read it, or leave it.

Personal Goals ?

Okay, personal goals? Do you know your own personal goals ? Is it to have a scholarship to study abroad, or is It simply to have a girlfriend for accompanying you ? Whenever, I fill some forms, and then I see this kind of question, like asking myself what my personal goals, and what I would be in the next 5 years, or 10 years, or even more later, I always feel like, okay, nuff said for all this kind of questions. Frankly speaking, I do know myself can asnwer this kind of question easily, especially when you wrote something about this for scholarship reasons, or maybe getting into some committee boards, or organizations. Easy? Sounds arrogant, but actually it’s the fact, it’s not just me, everyone can do it well if they have known themselves really well, right? 

No, no I’m here not talking about how to answer this kind ofquestions, but, what if your friend, or even I don’t know, probably someone who doesn’t know you well asking you this, would you answer honestly about your goals? As for me, I think I couldn’t tell my true personal goals to them, yes, cause it’s obvious that, this is personal thing, and no one can know that (I think). Yet, I always wonder when someone answer this question in front of people, hmm like I will say in my mind, ‘is that really yours, or you just made it up?’ we don’t know.

People tend to not tell their personal goals, simply because they don’t want other people know their inner secrets of hope. Yaa I define it as a part of a hope, your personal goals actually are your inner hope, and then you’re trying to realize it by hardworking towards it. But again, why people don’t have to know yours, Sat? I do have a problem in being open to someone new, even to my closest people, I seldom to open myself that far, and I see that telling my personal goals is similar like being open to people. Anyone feels the same ? 

Then, I once heard something, that you have to say it out loud to public actually. You know the brothers, who made the first airplane in the world, the Wright Brothers. Yes, they were telling people at that time, they want to make people fly, and that’s their personal goals, and people laughed at it, like thinking, ‘how can we fly?’, or ‘Crazy’. But I amaze of their boldness, and persistence from these responses, instead of it they still believe that they can make people fly, work hard for it, and eventually they did it, and people just opened their mouth widely, amazed of their work. From this story, I can know that, well actually just be honest to yourself about your personal goal, and tell it out loud to people, no matter crazy it is, or unlogical it is. Also, it’s absolutely okay to tell our own personal goals to people (I mean REAL personal goals). Cause sometimes, when you have done that, you realized that there is nothing to do except to realize it, and eventually done it real. 

Well, talking about personal goal, what is mine? Haha, okay learning from the Wright’s case, I think I will tell it now (but one :p). One of my personal goal, for now, in academic perspective, well it is to get my MBA degree from one of top universities in the world. Fiyuh, and people who saw this would say something about me in their mind after the moment they read this, right? but whatever, I have said it, and I will have to believe it, and make some works towards it, there’s a will, there’s a way. Have a faith folks!

November 27, 2012

Just saying

Well, now I want to talk about something that has been bothering my mind recently. Life as we know, we don’t know when It will end, but people are sure knowing that life is short. Yes, life is short, too short for doing what we don’t like, or love. This thing is staying in my mind lately. I’m just thinking of what I’m doing now, do I really love to do this? They said, love what you, do what you love. But, what if you couldn’t even love what you do? This one, I don’t know why I really hate it. Is the problem coming from myself, or not? But, when I think about it again, and again. Yes, definitely it is me who’s making this a problem. But simply, I take it now as things that are needed to be done, no matter what you feel, what happens, you have to do it, like it or not. 

But again, still, I feel  trapped, I feel like just wandering around of nowhere to go.  Indeed, life is short, and do you want to spend your whole life to do what you don’t like? me? Of course not, but well again, there are things that we should do no matter what. Indeed, I agree with that. But that doesn’t mean we do what we want, or being selfish. And some people said, just do it, look at me I hate it, but I do it. You know, you don’t know how I feel, and you will never  feel it, like ever unless GOD makes that happened. I’m a human, I have feelings, I know who I am, and I’m not a robot. I run for what I want, I run for my dreams, I run for what I believe. Life is short, especially for human race right now, unless you live in long old prophet’s eras. Life is short to be with people who don’t even make you happy. Life is short, I want to do what I love.  Life is short, make sure you know of what kind of person that people want to remember about you, when you’re gone from this world. Life is short to be pointless, so make a great one. Life is short, so carpe diem!  

Talking about life is short, I found this one. LOL :)

November 5, 2012


Everyone must have at least one secret in their life. I wonder, do people want to tell their own secrets to others? Is it really necessary to tell your secrets? Is it really needed to be opened to others, known your true self. I feel that telling secrets is like being naked in front of others. And, of course it’s really scary, and embarassing.

Now, I’m standing in two condition, I don’t know whether I have to move forward and take the chance, or I just stay at my current position, and nothing would happen. Yes, this chance is telling my biggest secret, my dark life to my best best friends. I just, I don’t want to be fake anymore, I want to show these people, my best friends, my truly self. But, again I do feel scared. Am I ready yet to talk about this? Are they ready yet to accept me of who I am?

The answer would be only GOD knows about it. 

On the other hand, I feel that I could trust them, I mean I want to trust them, because basically I never trust people, even my family. The next thing I want to see from them is, that they don’t care of who I am, and still want to be my friend forever.Yes, I just want you all to share in my secrets, but I hope you wouldnt leave me, and run away.